Pascal Academy is committed to providing a high quality education and ensuring that all our students graduate with the best academic foundation. – Jalil

Established in 1995, Pascal Academy is an accredited learning institution characterized by its dedication to quality educational achievement. Our goal is to engage students in a dynamic learning environment and assist them in reaching their full potentials. With smaller class sizes and one-on-one attention, we offer each individual the opportunity for a worthwhile learning experience, and preparation for a bright academic and professional future. In addition to our distance education programs, we continue to offer academic credit courses in our institution, as well as on-premises tutoring services. Furthermore, we offer in-home tutoring services in all grades and subjects, which particularly cater to the individual needs and concerns of the students.

Our distance education program allows students to take academic credit courses through an exclusively online medium that is user-friendly and efficient. Through this medium, students make use of online features to complete their courses at their own pace, with the consistent help and guidance of professional teachers. The distance education program is an excellent opportunity for students to study from home, wherever they may live, while being part of a dynamic, interactive learning process.